Dangeon: Immortal Evil — a mix of RPG and gambling by Evoplay

slots onlineThe developer himself calls his future novelty»the first ever RPG-inspired slot». That is, they came from role-playing games to create the slot machine Dangeon: Immortal Evil. However, the company did not take into account that Betsoft launched Max Quest back in October 2018, which is more suited to be a trailblazer in this regard. Despite this, Dangeon: Immortal Evil will be an intriguing release to try. A short promo video shows roughly what the slot will be, and how the game will play. The developer also gives a description to the future game. It is said that all winnings will be absolutely random and no abilities are needed to win. On this topic Big winnings in slots. A week of luck and a win of almost 80,000 euros Max Quest is a slot just from another planet, so it’s interesting to move in this RPG direction and Dangeon: Immortal Evil in particular. However, Evoplay appears to have taken a slightly different approach. Whereas in Max Quest you buy weapons and use them to kill various monsters for a reward, in Evoplay’s slot you buy a spin, advancing through some underground realm. With each spin you meet a different number of monsters to destroy for the reward.        

Max Quest Play for money Play for free Slot machine 

Max Quest from Betsoft has a payout percentage of 96%, high variance. No bonus game, no freespins, no Wild symbol, no Scatter symbol and no multiplier. Play slot Max Quest can be in automatic mode, the mode «Quick spin» is absent. You can play it in one of the best online casinos for canadians.    

 Play money slot overview Slot Max Quest slot machine from the company Betsoft has a payout percentage of 96% and high variance. No bonus game, no freespins, no Wild symbol, no Scatter symbol and no multiplier. Max Quest slot machine can be played in auto mode,»Fast spin» mode is absent.  

 Max Quest is a crazy game considering several punters can play in the same room at the same time. From the looks of it, Dangeon seems less dynamic slot, but no less interesting, because there you get a whole journey instead of staying in place. You progress to the boss, you get new weapons and more advanced ammunition, extra life. And the ultimate goal is to defeat the main boss with a payout of up to 5,000x.  Evoplay already has unique slots. One of their Necromancer is already something quite unusual. And this company keeps going down less trodden roads, although they create standard games along the way as well. The studio shows amazing results and ambition, considering that it is a rather unknown developer that has only been working since 2017.