Famous Canadian Online Casino Gamblers

Canadian casinos online attract hundreds of users on a daily basis. With a higher level of privacy, these establishments are not the best place to get acquainted with other players. However, that doesn’t mean either internet gambling heroes are a mystery. Keep on reading this article to unveil online casino champions in Canada.

Rising to Poker Fame

When taking the gambling sector within the country, the most popular activity to play for money is poker. With the transfer of offline services to online platforms, it has become much easier for Canadians to train their skills and improve their line of behavior during the game.

If you know already what the best Canadian online casinos are, it is a high time to meet previously hidden leading personalities:

  • Don’t think it is impossible to succeed in both live and online poker — Sorel Mizzi is one to surprise you. His prize fund reaches over twelve million dollars, if to sum his winning for all the tournaments. This goodie ranked first in the list of PTPR best poker enthusiasts in 2010.
  • Guy Laliberté is famous for its strong career in poker. What makes him stand out in front of other playing guys is that he spends a greater part of his rewards on charity.
  • Daniel Negreanu has experienced several top Canadian casinos online and has distinguished as a reputable player on different internet and land-based platforms. Being a GGPoker ambassador, he has achieved six trophy bracelets of WSOP. This man is included in the list of people who earned most gambling poker.
  • Of course, the list won’t be complete without female representatives of the poker elite. Let us introduce Evelyn NG — she is an experienced powerhouse who is known for defeating other top professionals like Annie Duke.

Top Blackjack Player

To collect twenty-on points and beat the dealer’s result — what can be easier? However, the game is trickier than it may seem at first. That’s why there are not so many gamblers who have coped with Blackjack to the full extent.

Among enthusiasts who played a lot to train their skills and improve them, there is one that differentiates from others. Monica Reeves is famous for her excellent prowess in this activity. This woman has managed to win more than forty thousand dollars along in the corresponding tournament. It sounds too good to be true, but that’s a reality.

Behind the Scenes

Of course, apart from active players, there are a lot of powerful influencers who play a significant role in the overall development of online casinos. Who really does the services better is John Lefebvre. This person is the NETeller founder and is a trend setter in the Canadian gambling society.

The Bottom Line

There is a wonderful way to search for premium online casinos for Canadian players: when getting acquainted with top-ranked players within the country, you will increase your chances to find your soulmate company and inspired by the field’s pop champions.